Community Parkinson's Symposium

What a fantastic day the 2016 Community Parkinson’s Symposium turned out to be! We had 230 participants this year and feedback was overwhelmingly positive! Thank you to the participants, vendors, speakers and volunteers. Without any of you, the event would not have been as successful! May marks another milestone for the Midwest Parkinson’s Initiative with the start of the PD monthlies. These are free monthly classes offered on the first Tuesday of every month from 6-7 pm at Edgewood Vista and Village of Fargo. Each month we will discuss a new topic as it relates to Parkinson’s disease. May is all about fall reduction and prevention in Parkinson’s disease. Other topics include bowel management and constipation, autonomic dysfunction, sweating and temperature regulation, bladder management and incontinence and many more. If interested, please call Edgewood Vista at 365-8200 to register. Help us to grow and expand the support and understanding of Parkinson’s disease in our community. All are welcome!